Business Consulting

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You have worked hard to customize and differentiate your business, likely even before you were in business, dating back to the day you had that great idea. Our team respects the hard work and dedication you have put forth, and why will not approach your situation with Cookie-Cutter methods. We have much to learn from each other, including all aspects of your journey, successes, challenges, and needs that exist.

The D-A-Z-E model below outlines the various capacities in which we can work together. Ranging from a ‘macro-peak’ into your world, through to a fully engaged and commanding relationship, the team at Daze Management Inc. will strive to find the best fit for your Business needs.

Leveraging our Complimentary Consultation, we welcome you to Contact Us so we can have that initial chat and explore what we can do together.


With a broad approach, this introductory stage explores your business’ current situation. This includes an overall examination of your company’s objectives, position, competitors, and financial strength.

A client who decides on this package shall achieve effortless and user-friendly methods on how they can achieve their Immediate, Short Term, and Long Term Goals.


Acting as an advisor, the methodology here not only involves the examination of current practices, but takes a closer look to identify gaps and opportunities that may exist. The focus is to offer a fresh analysis of the business. Generating new opinions with the goal of breaking any paradigms will help create innovative practices that challenge the client’s traditional methods.

Often Small–Medium businesses have been successful due to the hard work, dedication, and hands-on expertise of the creator. Yet ironically, this feat can be the same characteristics that prevents the organization from growing. It is important that processes and systems be constructed to allow the business to excel in the entrepreneur’s absence.

A client who welcomes this involvement shall expect to realize growth through the identification and development of new strategies and systems.


Beyond advising the client, it is time to roll up the sleeves and dive into the operations of the organization.
A client that decides to exercise this option will benefit greatly from a diagnostic of their current operations, systems, processes, and personnel.

The main objective in this phase is a focus on the tightening of systems and procedures to improve efficiencies and increase profitability.

Whether the proposed solutions are creating new tools, establishing cohesion, or implementing more effective procedures…the client, shareholders, and owners will be pleased with smoother practices and greater margins to their bottom line.


This elite level package is intended for the clients who wish to delegate the development of strategies and procedures to make their business succeed. The following two examples may be an example of this need:

  • A business that is an expert at what they do, yet recognizes the benefits in sourcing assistance to handle the intricate strategies of their business/brand
  • A company who empowers Daze Management Inc. to manage a program/personnel through a specific campaign with desired outcomes and objectives

A client who agrees to engage Daze Management Inc. can expect a complete presentation pre-execution of the proposed plan. Approval will be required prior to implementation and feedback through the process encouraged. The client will then receive a full debrief of the program’s success, analytics, consumer feedback, and areas for improvement, as appropriate to the campaign.

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