Personal & Professional Management

It is this quote that can best capture Daze Management’s philosophy toward the Management of its clients. We strive to ensure that the Client is engaged, empowered, and has input in all decisions. It is of course, their own visual style.

Our clients shall feel confident that Daze Management shares in their passion for success, and will not only provide the tools, but a network of professionals to help propel their career and attain their goals.

The D-A-Z-E model below outlines the various degrees in which we can work together. Ranging from an assessment of one’s goals and positioning, through to a direct relationship in which management of daily activities exist. Our team will strive to find the best fit, not only to accommodate the client’s needs, but to respectfully consider the personnel assigned by taking into account the synergies of personality types.

Leveraging our Complimentary Consultation, we welcome you to Contact Us so we can have that initial chat and explore what we can do together.


The focus here is to asses the individual’s position in their current environment. The exercise will explore the roots of their goals, aspirations, and specific aspects of those they idolize. An individual who agrees to start here is looking for a basic analysis on where they sit in a crowded space. They will leave with tips on what they can do to distinguish themselves and help achieve the status of those they admire.


Once an individual’s position has been evaluated, the preparedness to fulfill the gaps between where they are and where they want to be exists. This opportunity is the main objective in this next stage. The focus here is to propose methods and strategies that allow an individual to get closer to the desired position and outcomes. Breaking traditional habits and opening new doors is the key to realizing success that was once limited in their world. An individual who acknowledges the need for this restructuring will be astonished with the flood of opportunity that results from their new image, practices, and routine.


This phase is truly the next step in establishing the image of an individual. The DeZine™ phase engages the services of several Professionals within the Daze team. Complete with Graphic Artists, Web Designer, Photographers, Stylists, and experts in PR, this team will carefully design and craft an image, materials, and tools to generate exposure and help propel the client to levels never experienced. The client can feel confident in always having complete control over the choices made and being the last stage of approval prior to implementation. We truly believe in engaging the client and empowering them through all decisions. Once implemented, the Client can expect full transparency in the feedback that is received from the industry, as we continue to monitor and evaluate success through the tenure of their service period.


This elite level package is intended for the clients who wish for Daze Management to represent them through a long-term horizon. In this stage, the Daze Management team will strategically identify, evaluate, and refine the client’s image, then continue to act as their Representative throughout the complexities of building their Career. The Client can expect to be coached, managed, and presented with the utmost care and preparation.

A client who agrees to engage Daze Management Inc. can expect undivided attention, and a dedicated team that will establish presence within their industry and manage their career.

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